Capital Campaign

Ignite the Spirit – and Unite a Community.

In 2010, the $5 Million Ignite the Spirit Campaign was launched as a community initiative to engage the residents of Central Nova Scotia in the building of this wonderful facility. Considerable thought was put into the logo chosen for the campaign, which shows how the community is growing from the spark of giving. Using multiple bright colours and overlapping people demonstrates how the civic centre will bring diverse people together for different activities.


The goal of the Ignite the Spirit Campaign is to give every resident of Central Nova Scotia the opportunity to commit and become involved. Throughout the campaign, a number of fundraising events were held that brought the community together and showed their support of this great project through volunteerism and philanthropy.

The Central Nova Scotia Civic Centre (now the RECC) will complete the “triangle” of services - health care, education and recreation – which, when combined, will empower our community to grow, prosper and thrive.