Leaving a Legacy

The original concept for a new Community Centre was rooted in a local initiative to attract the 2011 Canada Winter Games to central Nova Scotia. In part, this effort was motivated by recognition that new and updated facilities were needed in the region in order to effectively address programming limitations, deficiencies with existing recreational infrastructure and inabilities to accommodate sport development and growth.

Although the region was unsuccessful in its bid for the Canada Games, interest in developing a community centre continued to remain a high priority with Truro Town Council, Colchester Municipal Council and with residents across the region. In 2008, the County of Colchester and Town of Truro Councils entered into a Memorandum of Understanding confirming their partnership and financial commitment to the construction (60% County; 40% Town) and operation (50/50) of the proposed Centre. Shortly thereafter, financial commitments were secured from the federal government of Canada and the province of Nova Scotia. Their contributions, combined with the Town of Truro and County of Colchester contributions, totaled 95 percent of the projected construction cost. The remaining five percent was to be raised through the $5 million Ignite the Spirit Capital Campaign.

Construction of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre began in August 2010 and doors opened to the community in March 2013. 

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