Fun ExerciseIt’s easy to take our health for granted…as long as we are feeling well. But what if suddenly things changed? How much investment have you made in ensuring health and wellness for your future?

Leading a physically active lifestyle is not just for those wanting to lose weight. Regular physical activity keeps the body strong so you can keep pace with your children, climb a flight of stairs without being winded, and more easily manage transporting those heavy bags of groceries into the house. (Because long term wellness also requires eating lots of healthy, nutritious, and tasty foods!)

Imagine the joy of maintaining mental clarity throughout the work day, with energy to spare for fun with family and friends in the evening! Consider the awesomeness of waking well rested, feeling strong throughout the day, and using recreational activity for stress reduction and relationship building. These investments in your health will one day be your greatest wealth!

Challenging The Perception!
Recreational Activity IS affordable! Consider it as valuable an investment as Life Insurance, only with a more immediate payback…one that you will be alive to enjoy!
A full family membership will give your entire family unlimited access to the fitness centre, aquatic centre, rock climbing wall, land and water group exercise classes, free child mind services, half price on swim lessons, and more!! Whether it is improved health, quality family time, a sense of belonging within your community, or just a fun experience, there is infinite value in a RECC membership package!
And what if it was as simple as trading out some of your current priorities for new priorities?

Requirement: Stress Reduction
Options: Go for a run on the track to deal with that stress instead of stopping for your favorite sweet treat.
Priority Adjustment: A latte and and sweet treat from your favorite local café once a week could set you back up to $48/month, providing short term relief 4 times per month; but an adult membership for $57.44/month would offer you endless hours of recreational activity every day of the week!

Requirement: Family Fun Nights
Options: Take the whole family to a swim and Nourish smoothies instead of for popcorn and a night out at the movie theatre.
Priority Adjustment: Four tickets to a movie with drinks and treats for everyone could easily set you back $70 – 80 in a night; but a couple hours of water play and tasty smoothies for everyone would leave you with an extra $30-40 in your pocket!  Better yet, purchase a family membership for $109.19/month and you can have family fun nights as often as you want for an amount that will still fit your budget!

Requirement: Connecting With Others
Options: Take an exercise class or go rock climbing at our indoor wall instead of meeting up at the corner coffee shop.
Priority Adjustment: A large coffee 5 times a week quickly adds up. Add up your coffee costs and the money you spend on meals out at the pub or local restaurant, and you’ll discover you could easily afford the cost of a personal or family membership at the RECC instead!  And it doesn’t require giving up all coffee and meals out; simply reduce expense on those luxuries and use the balance to invest in your health through recreational activity at the RECC!

Requirement: Coping Techniques
Options: Run the track, enjoy a water Zumba class, or release your inner tensions through an hour of guided yoga instead of spending the evening in front of the TV.
Priority Adjustment: Begin to realize that vices such as cigarettes, or escaping into the fantasy world of television don’t actually solve any of your problems; and they definitely can have a negative effect on your health!

Cable television services can be costly to your budget, and over indulging in TV as a leisure activity can also be costly to your health!  Limit the package you purchase and the time you sit in your favorite chair and instead find new fun, active ways to deal with stress, meet others, and improve your health. $3 will get you into a community swim or skate time and it’s been proven that regular activity actually increases your energy levels…meaning you may not need to crash in that chair again for a while!
A pack of cigarettes every other day will easily set you back $200/month; but the cost of a full family membership to the RECC is only $109.19/month!  Even by reducing your smoking to half, you could offer your family endless hours of fun, and improve health for everyone in your home through increased activity and reduced inhalation of tobacco smoke. That’s a win/win on every front!!

Each of us must learn to budget for recreational priorities just as we do for other priorities in our worlds. Small changes in our spending habits can amount to BIG, positive changes in our lives! It simply means a shift in our priorities and a shift in our spending habits. And, for those who qualify for our subsidized services, we can help!

Investing in your health is investing in your future wealth.  So let’s get you started TODAY!

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