Aquatics Update - Feb 19th, 2021

We are happy to announce that the Wilsons Aquatic Centre will reopen on March 1st!

In advance of the reopening, here are some of the commonly asked questions in regards to accessing and using the pools.


Aquatics Update - Jan 8th, 2021

From our social media post on Facebook/ Instagram:
Our RECC staff are just as anxious as everyone else to reopen our aquatics facility again, but unfortunately over the last few months COVID-19 has continued to delay the progress of the project team who have been on site making upgrades. We are currently anticipating reopening in approximately 6 weeks barring any additional unforeseen circumstances.
We’d like to thank everyone for their continued patience. COVID-19 has affected everyone differently, and our entire facility and industry was particularly impacted.

We will continue to align with governmental guidelines to ensure that everyone who visits our facility has a safe and enjoyable experience. The setbacks from COVID-19 are temporary, and we are committed to reopening the entire facility for all of the residents of Truro/Colchester to enjoy.

We have had a lot of great times in the Wilsons Aquatic facility over the years, and look forward to many more.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Event Cancellations - Nov 26th, 2020

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the following Events:

*Jackalope Atlantic 2021 ( May 21 - 23rd, 2021 )
*Homegrown Kitchen Party - Both Classified/Ria Mae as well as Jimmy Rankin ( Dec 18th/19th, 2020 )
*Christmas at the RECC ( Dec 5th, 12th, 2020 )

Refunds are available until Feb 28th, 2021.

All other events are being assessed regularly, and any new updates will be posted online.

If you purchased online through Ticketpro.ca

A ticket refund will be processed automatically on the original credit/debit card used for the purchase. No further action is required on your part. Due to the high volume of refunds to process, it is possible that the refund will not appear in your account for a few weeks. Please wait at least three weeks after receiving this message to contact Ticketpro at info@ticketpro.ca if you have not yet received your refund.

If you purchased in person at a Ticketpro outlet such as MacQuarries or The Marigold Cultural Centre

Please contact the outlet for their opening hours to confirm when you can go get your refund processed in person.
MacQuarries Pharmasave : (902) 895-1681 Ext. 211
Marigold Cultural Centre : (902) 897-4004

If you purchased in person at the RECC:

The safest method of a refund would be to take a picture, or scan your tickets. Email them, along with your name/address/phone number over to social@therecc.ca and we will be able to process your refund.
Alternatively, you can bring your tickets in to the RECC and we can gather your information and submit for a refund.
Regardless of the method of payment, all refunds from the RECC will be issued via Cheque and sent through the mail within 2 - 4 weeks

Christmas at the RECC:

Refunds will be issued automatically. If you have any questions/concerns please email rfarrell@therecc.ca

Facility Reopening FAQ - Updated Nov 26th, 2020

Q: When is the facility opening?
A: We have planned to reopen our facility in phases;

Currently the Aquatics Centre, Walking Track, Group Fitness, Fitness Centre, and Ice Surface have all been reopened.
Child Minding and the climbing wall are currently closed.

Q: Which entrance is to be used?
A: We ask that all users enter the building using our upper entrance. This is the entrance that faces the highway, closest to the fitness centre. We have closed other entrances to ensure we are able to manage access control to our building. We understand that this may be inconvenient for some of our users but to ensure we deliver the best level of service/public safety our approach is a single entry point. As we reopen other aspects of our facility and expand on our offerings, we will continue to re-evaluate our access points.

Stanfields walking track:
-Masks are required for all those using the walking track. As a public facility our goal is to keep our members and users safe. We feel it is in the best interests of the majority of our users, and in the best interest of public safety, to ensure that masks are worn.
-All those wishing to use the walking track are required to sign in at our Welcome Desk for contact tracing purposes.
-The walking track will be available during facility hours with the exception of when ticketed events are occurring at which time the walking track will be closed to the public.
-Additional rules/guidelines will be posted at the facility.

Community Credit Union Arena:
-All those with ice rentals will be provided RECC COVID Operational Policies to follow as part of the rental agreement.
-A dressing room will be available, however the showers will not be accessible.
-For all ice programming/rentals, masks must be worn in the dressing room up until leaving the room and entering the ice service
-All spectators must sign in at the welcome desk. This is for contact tracing and health screening purposes
Please consult the Ice schedule for adult/senior/child skating times in the Community Credit Union Arena:

If you are interested in renting the ice for a private event/party, please email hfraser@ratheastlinkcc.ca

Q: What is the group fitness schedule? What classes will be offered?
A: Our group fitness schedule is located here: https://ratheastlinkcommunitycentre.ca/schedules/fitness-group-ex
**Please bring your own Yoga Mat for Yoga Class**
Please show up 15 minutes before class to check in. Please note we can not allow people into the group fitness area earlier than 15 minutes before class

Q: When does my membership resume?
A: All recurring memberships will resume as of March 1st or later. ( Based on your previous billing dates )
If you have any questions about memberships please email us at social@ratheastlinkcc.ca

Q: Can I use my day pass/punch pass?
A: Yes, we have resumed all day/punch pass use.

Q: What is the facility layout like? Where are the classes being held?
A: Here is a video that outlines the experience at the RECC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu9yw5tobek&t
We have moved class locations and fitness equipment into other areas of the facility to accommodate social distancing guidelines. We have a large facility and are fortunate to be able to leverage the space for our members and users.

Q: What else are you doing in regard to sanitation and reducing the spread of Covid-19?
A: We have been diligently working on enhanced cleaning procedures for our Staff, as well as posting best-practice guidelines within the facility for our users and members. We are also installing numerous new sanitation stations, floor markings, and plexiglass at our check in location. Also, we will be following the standard practice of asking patrons to perform a self-questionnaire regarding Covid 19 symptoms. We ask that anyone who is exhibiting symptoms to leave the facility and call 811 for additional support.

Q: Will the showers/locker rooms be available to use?
A: Locker rooms and showers are for day use only for those using the Aquatics centre. They will not be accessible for fitness centre use.  Please come to the RECC in your workout attire and leave your valuables at home/in your vehicle. The RECC is not responsible for lost/stolen valuables. Also, we are restricting access to our water fountains so please bring your own water bottle. We have invested in a new bottle refilling station in our fitness centre that you will be able to use to refill your bottle. If you have any questions about locker rentals please email us at social@ratheastlinkcc.ca


Non-medical masks will be mandatory in indoor public places starting on July 31st.

Q: Will the RECC have a mandatory mask policy in place?
A: Yes, in accordance with the Public Health Guidelines the RECC will require masks to be worn at all times within the facility. The only times masks can be removed are:
-when you are inside of the fitness centre and actively working out ( Masks must be worn between stations )
-during group fitness classes ( Masks must be worn until the class starts and you are safely distanced from other participants )
-skating/swimming ( Masks must be worn until you are leaving the dressing rooms/change rooms )

During these activities, masks are optional.

Q: How will this be enforced?
A: We are taking a cooperative and positive approach to mandatory masking rather than an enforcement one. We have confidence that the vast majority of our Members will wear a mask whenever possible. People should also be aware that businesses have the right to refuse them entry or to serve them if they do not follow the rules. Allowances will be made for people unable to wear a mask for a valid reason.

Q: Can you take your mask off to have a photo taken?
A: Yes, a business requiring photos to be taken will instruct you when it is safe and appropriate to remove your mask in order to obtain a photo for identification purposes. Physical distancing must be maintained while the photo is being taken.

Q: Who does a member complain to if they feel that other members are not following the rules?
A: Members should advise RECC staff if they feel that someone should be wearing a mask that is not. Keeping in mind there are medical conditions that hinder some people's ability to wear masks. If you are uncomfortable with advising anyone in person feel free to send us an email to social@ratheastlnkcc.ca and we can investigate.

Q: What happens if someone refuses to put on a mask or takes it off once they go inside? Can they be refused service or kicked out?
A: Businesses, workplaces and other public places can develop their own policies and procedures. They can choose to refuse entry or service to anyone not following their rules.
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