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School In-service Day Camps  |    MONDAY September 26, 2022    |    8:30 am - 4:30 pm    |    For YOUTH AGED 6 to 12
Register in-person at the RECC (625 Abenaki Rd, Truro, NS B2N 0G6) or ONLINE Click Here
How-to-Register-Online Guide: Click Here
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8 WEEKS of DAY CAMPS    |    Every TUESDAY to FRIDAY    |    For YOUTH AGED 6 to 12

Check out our exciting Summer 2022 Day Camp Programming! Each week campers will get to participate in their favorite RECC activities, spend Thursdays at Victoria Park, unleash their inner artist, and get moving! 
Activities include climbing, skating, swimming, games, tennis, and crafts. Skating takes place every Tuesday and Friday unless indicated below in weekly schedule  

Registration Link: Click Here 
How-to-Register-Online Guide: Click Here
For each day of camp, participants are required to bring the following items: water, hat, sunscreen, lunch, snacks, towel, bathing suit, skates, helmet and a craft safe tshirt. 

Download our Lunch Order Form
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we are able to offer lunch service! 

We welcome those interested in registering for the full week of day camps first:

“In person only” registration for full camp weeks begins on Tuesday, May 31st at 9:00am
for members and Wednesday, June 1st at 9:00am for the general public.

Download our Registration Form

If you are interested in registering for individual days:

Online registration for full weeks and individual days opens on Monday, June 6 at 9:00am.

Children must be 6-12 years old in order to register in our day camp programming.
Prior to enrollment, each camp participant must have a completed waiver and registration form. Please ensure all dates you register for are included on the form.
If registering on the same day the program begins, please call our welcome desk at 902-893-2224 to see if there is space available before coming in person. Preference for registration will always go to those on a waitlist. Also be prepared to come up to 10 minutes early in order to complete registration forms and payment at the welcome desk. 
Register in person or online at *link*. Insert online registration information here.
If your child(ren) requires skating gear, please indicate so on your registration form, or contact our Youth Programming Supervisor Joanna at jphillips@therecc.ca. 
Cancellations within 48 hours notice may not be eligible for a refund. Please contact our Welcome Desk at 902-893-2224 or email welcomedesk@therecc.ca for cancellations. 

Day (members) - $30
(family membership discount only)
Day (Public) - $35 
Full 4 day week (members) - $110
(family membership discount only)
Full 4 day week (non-members) - $130

Pick-Up and Drop-off Procedure: 
Pick-up and drop-off will take place in our Millbrook B community room. Upon drop-off, our camp staff will ensure all registration forms are completed before permitting you to sign your child(ren) in. Drop-off begins at 8:15am and ends at 8:30am. Pick-up will take place between 4:30pm-4:45pm. Be advised that camp staff will not permit your child to be signed-out by anyone who is not indicated on the “Pick-Up Information” section on the registration form. If you require a late drop-off or early pick-up, email our Youth Programming Supervisor Joanna at jphillips@therecc.ca. Otherwise, be advised that drop off and pick up times are firm and must be complied with. 

Victoria Park Days:
Pick-up and drop-off will take place at the park near the security hut off the main parking lot. All other pick-up and drop-off procedures will remain the same. 

Skating takes place every Tuesday and Friday unless indicated below (see August weeks)


July 5th - 8th: Top Score - 
Dodgeball, capture the flag, tag, and more! Campers will get to participate in a variety of sports, and participate in some sports themed crafts. All levels of athletes are invited to join. 

July 12th - 15th: Magic School Bus - 
Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! Campers will get to channel their inner scientist and explorer with messy, hands-on experiments. Note: this camp does not contain any shrinking buses, or pet lizards. 

July 19th - 22nd: Carnival Royal - 
This week will revolve around carnival games, contests, and crafts. The more you participate, the more tickets there are to win! 

July 26th - 29th: Game Night - 
Puzzles, board games, trivia, and picnic games! Campers will get to play their favorite games, and create their own games with their own rules. Campers are permitted to bring games from home if they desire. No video games permitted.

August 2nd - 5th: Under the Sea -
 Life is the bubbles under the sea! Campers will create their own underwater mural, make their own fish tank, and play ocean themed games! Campers will also learn some facts about the ocean, and do some hands-on water activities at Victoria Park. 

August 9th - 12th: Pirates vs Knights -
 Arrrrrr matey! The battle between the Pirates and Knights continues. Throughout the week, the Knights will protect their gold from the pirates who are trying to steal it. 

*Skating on Friday only 

August 16th - 19th: Artists at Work - 
Paint, colour, draw, and create! This camp includes many arts and crafts that will allow the exploration of creativity. Activities include tie-dye, painting, bracelet making, colouring, and other messy crafting! Campers will be required to wear craft safe clothing, and have something white to tie-dye. Email our Youth Programming Supervisor Joanna at jphillips@therecc.ca if you need assistance getting clothes to tie-dye. 

*Skating not available this week 

August 23th - 26th: Goal Getter - 
This week, campers will get to play lots of team sports like soccer, basketball, and soccer-baseball. Open to all levels of athletes. 

Note: pick-up on Wednesday August 24th will take place at NSCC’s Wellness Center. *Skating on Friday only

All dates, times, programs and schedules are weather permitting and are subject to change.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please email jphillips@therecc.ca

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 March 14 - 18    |    For YOUTH AGED 6 to 12

Morning Drop-Off between 8:15AM and 8:30AM at RECC
Afternoon Pick-Up between 4:30PM and 4:45PM at RECC

Register In-Person at RECC or over the phone 902-893-2224

Per Child Per Day: $35
Per Child Per Day for MEMBERS (Family one year paid-in-full and Family Continuous Memberships): $30
Per Child for the whole week: $165
Per Child for the whole week for MEMBERS (Family one year paid-in-full and Family Continuous Memberships): $140

  • Participants must bring: snacks, lunch, water bottle, towel, swimwear, suitable clothing, ice skates, mittens, helmet, and appropriate footwear for the day's activities, including indoor sneakers
  • Lunches and snacks will NOT be provided
  • Skates and helmets available for use when skating is scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday,. If your child does not have a pair to use for the day, please contact Joanna at jphillips@ratheastlinkcc.ca
  • Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may not be eligible for a refund.

All dates, times, programs and schedules are weather permitting and are subject to change.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please email jphillips@therecc.ca

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